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Friday, 2 August 2013


RANGERS have told Radio Clyde to stick their money where the sun don’t shine.

It is the first step by Rangers to make it clear to anti Rangers media organisations that even if it costs the club cash they will be taking a new hard line against them.

And the tough stance from inside the Blue Room has placed Radio Clyde between a rock and a hard place after the radio station had to back down on its blustering threat to cancel its hospitality booking at Ibrox in retaliation.

For that would have left them either having to do the same with the facilities for hospitality on match days which they buy at Celtic, or openly showing financial bias by cancelling their table at Ibrox, but continuing with the one they have at Celtic.

The move by Rangers comes after repeated references on the Radio Clyde airwaves by its Celtic daft phone in host Jim Delahunt and his sidekick, former Celtic star Andy Walker, to Rangers being a new club.

That is the sort of language used by Celtic supporters, despite there being no basis in law or football legislation for it. Rangers have more than 140 years of unbroken history. Even Stewart Regan’s Scottish Football Association has been forced to admit that after a ruling in Rangers favour by UEFA.

There has also been anger inside Ibrox at Delahunt’s perceived tactic of cutting off any caller who is challenging their inaccurate and anti Rangers language and making any sane rational and reasoned debating points about the facts.

Rangers supporters, despite the fact that they still regularly tune in to Radio Clyde, allowing its head of news and sport Lorraine Herbison to swan around boasting about how the listening figures for the phone in programme are soaring,  have been calling for Rangers to take action against the local radio station, which has long been a by-word for anti Rangers rhetoric.

Despite the howls of anguish about Radio Clyde by Rangers supporters and their insistence that they do not listen to it, the official Radio Clyde listening figures are up 10.6 per cent to 584,000.

But now Rangers have shown bold leadership and have stepped in and told Radio Clyde they no longer want the station’s money. It will be interesting to see if those Rangers fans who have been shouting for the club to take action against Radio Clyde now employ the power at their disposal and take their own action against Radio Clyde by hammering those boasts of increased listening figures, by simply switching off.

Radio Clyde had previously had a deal with Rangers which saw them advertise inside Ibrox and also be given privileged interviewing access to the manager and a number of players. That deal is no more and Rangers will also no longer be advertising on Radio Clyde.

It will be interesting to note whether or not any companies, owned or run by Rangers supporters, who advertise on Radio Clyde, follow the lead of the Ibrox club.